workshops: Friday, October, 25th

conference: Saturday, October, 26th

Hotel Stok Ski & Spa ****, Wisła, Poland

About the conference

PHPCon Poland is the oldest and unique conference in Poland, aimed at PHP developers and enthusiasts. We have been on the Polish market since 2010. During this time, we have contributed to educating of a new generation of PHP developers!

This is an event where you will make new contacts and exchange experiences and ideas for the near future. But not only! It's a conference you'll love coming back to, both for the atmosphere and the new contacts, but also for your own development - as a listener, as a speaker, or maybe as a recruiter looking for new talent. Who knows?

This year, PHPCon Poland for the first time will take place in Wisła, a town often called "the pearl of the Beskid Mountains”.

It is a uniquely picturesque mountain resort located close to the Czech Republic and Slovakia, surrounded by the mountain ranges with the highest massif of Barania Gora (1220 m.a.s.l). Three mountain streams join each other to create the river Wisła – the Queen of Polish rivers. The town of Wisła is the hometown of Adam Małysz – the world champion of ski jumps.

Why join the PHPCon Poland?

the oldest PHP conference in Poland

PHPCon Poland is almost the legend. If you have no memories of it, it's time to change that!

Accommodation in conference venue

You can buy a conference ticket and find a link to book accommodation with us.
Party till dawn? Why not?


Practical knowledge awaits you on Friday.
The workshops will last until the evening, and the lectures will only start on Saturday morning.

Full board package

Breakfast is included as b&b.
Lunch and dinner are subject of the entrance fee. For workshops - Friday lunch & dinner, for conference - Saturday lunch & after-party (dinner included).


We bring together people at different stages of their careers - from budding programmers to long-standing professionals in various positions - all of who PHP turns on.


The Saturday evening is an Integration! Choose one from: a disco hosted by a professional DJ, bowling, a flood of sponsored beer...
Can there be any more doubt?

Become a Speaker!

Got a talk idea? We want to see it!


Hotel Stok **** Ski & SPA

It's a modern hotel located in Wisla, in the Jawornik valley, well known to Polish skiing enthusiasts. It is here that the road leads to one of the most popular ski resorts - the Soszow Ski Resort. Nearby is the border with the Czech Republic.

Thanks to its picturesque location, it's even an ideal place for family recreation, enjoying the mountain scenery, skiing and relaxing at the spa, pool or the hotel's bowling alley.

Its conference facilities include as many as 16 modern equipped rooms, (the largest up to 450 people), 1,300 sqm of exhibition space and 4 hectares of land around the hotel.


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Public transport
Wisła is pretty well connected to the capital of the province - Katowice. You can get here both with line S6 🚆 of Koleje Śląskie/Silesian Railways (8 trains a day, 👉 route timetable) and buses 🚍 - Drabas (👉 timetable) or Bus Brothers + Wispol (lines: 52, 53 and 54) with a change in Cieszyn.
Get off at the Wisła Jawornik bus stop (or Wisła Jawornik Skrzyżowanie in the case of buses).
Head towards Jawornik village or Soszów ⛷️ ski station - the same direction. Walking from the roundabout by the Orlen station it's 15-20 minutes to the hotel, by asphalt. The hotel is on the right, turn into the side road before the school.
The easiest way to get to Wisła is from the Skoczów interchange. You can get there from Cieszyn (boundary with Czech Republic) and Bielsko-Biała by taking the 🛣️ S-52 expressway and Katowice by the two-lane national 🛣️ road no. 81. From the Skoczów interchange, head south along secondary road no. 941 to the roundabout at Jawornik (about 15 km). Take the first exit here - Jawornik / Soszów ⛷️ ski station and after 1k7 metres you'll reach your destination. Turn right before the school building.
As in previous years, ✈️ Katowice Airport (KTW) is the best destination. From there, you need to get to the centre of Katowice by ZTM bus or Koleje Śląskie / Silesian Railways train (👉 route timetable) and continue as described in the Public transport section.
Alternatively, you can fly ✈️ to Kraków (KRK) and catch a 🚍 bus connection to Cieszyn (e.g. Lajkonik) from the city centre. If you choose Lajkonik, asking 🙏 the driver to stop near Jawornik / Orlen gas station is a good idea, as he officially stops in the centre of Wisła only.
We plan to organize a special shuttle from the KTW ✈️ airport and back to make the connection more convenient especially for foreign speakers. Note that we don't plan a shuttle from and to KRK.
So, if you're a confirmed speaker, contact organizers before you plan your trip.

Become a Sponsor

Become a sponsor of the PHPCon Poland 2024 conference – it's a unique opportunity to present your brand to international PHP community and to be well-remembered.


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Phone: +48.604.435060


Conferia Events
Dariusz Grzesista
city: Rybnik
zip code: 44-200
address: 50A, Wodzisławska St.
EU VAT ID: PL6422172643
REGON No. (statistical): 273618346
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  • Dariusz Grzesista

    Dariusz Grzesista

    Originator, founder and team leader of the PHPCon Poland Conference. Event manager with 14y experience, involved in the PHPCon Poland, php Central Europe conference, Linux Autumn, PyCon PL and dBConf. Former president of the Polish Linux Users Group. Devops in Polish Ministry of Finance IT Centre from a years. Proud biological father of some other PHPCon organisers. An unreformable bicycle tramp with a survival verve.
  • Mariusz Kuta

    Mariusz Kuta
    Frontend ninja, database lover, php hooligan. PHPCon website designer. Lecture hall technician and multimedia recorder. Addicted to electronic music, crime books and sunflower seeds.
  • Piotr Krzysztofik

    Piotr Krzysztofik
    PHP programmer, webmaster, webdesigner and webdeveloper. At PHPCon acts as lecture hall technician responsible for multimedia recording and maintenance.
  • Przemysław Pawliczuk

    Przemysław Pawliczuk
    Specialist for pathetic and impossible issues. His first words were "Paamayim nekudotayim". Learnt programming upon rendez vous with Symfony, after 10 years with PHP. An orange juice addict, pays attention to technical issues on PHPConPL just after started his journey as a speaker. After hours - husband, President of Pionier Rzeszów Toastmasters, DIY-maker, fan of accordion loving good vocal-trance music.
  • Mateusz Grzesista

    Mateusz Grzesista

    A graduate of one of the Silesian high schools. A man behind the editing and publishing of videos of presentations. He embraces the technical issues of the lecture hall and video recording on site. After the conference, a man behind the Conferia's Youtube publications.
  • Tomasz Kunicki

    Tomasz Kunicki

    Long-time PHP developer, currently also a Java developer. Multiple participants in PHPCon. Evangelist for quality, architectural themes, and good team practices - at the code and culture level. Loves to help others develop. Privately an affectionate father of 2 daughters, he absorbs audiobooks and creates PoC after night. The member of the Programme Committee, responsible for actively building partnerships.
  • Adrian Słowik

    Adrian Słowik
    PHP enthusiast, a devotee of Event Storming, and an evangelist for using Feature Flags. Programmer with 19 years of experience. He has been associated with the E-commerce industry for 15 years. In the evenings, he absorbs new knowledge by reading books or testing new technologies. Member of a reading club dedicated to DDD. It doesn't take long to persuade him to go karaoke, even when sober. Years later, he rejoined the PHPCon team, responsible for developing cooperation with sponsors and participating in the Programme Committee.
  • Ania Grzesista

    Ania Grzesista

    Responsible for the conference office and distribution of start-up packages. Collector of elePHPants, a weekend contributor to significant gastro events. Although she doesn't eat much, she loves good cuisine.
  • Sebastian Molenda

    Sebastian Molenda

    Currency One
    Rehab PHP developer currently working on Node.JS and experimenting with FP. Privately, DIY enthusiast and a fan of heavier playing. After many years as an attendee, it's time to repay the community somehow.
  • Wojciech Sznapka

    Wojciech Sznapka

    A PHP professional with a 15-year history. He has been a faithful fan of PHPCon since the first editions, where he currently sits on the Programme Committee. Professionally focused mainly on managing technology teams and Big Data topics. Every free moment combines sports (mainly Squash) and family life.



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